Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Did Barbara Olshanksy of Arar Team Receive Threats from Government Not Assist Us (like they have threatened others?...)

Barbara Olshansky of the Centre for Constitutional Rights was adamant about assisting my family and I and had stated sincerely, "I am very sorry about what our government has done to you and I apologize" to which I replied, "thank you but you aren't the one who needs to apologize- you aren't the government- and we very much appreciate your willingness to assist.

That would be the last I heard from Barbara- no more corrospondance-non of our calls returned- it was as if she had 'dissappeared' . Two weeks later (on or about Nov.9) I received a simple refusal card in the mail - like a post card, not enclosed in a letter but all on its own with postage printed on it and the card labelled Center for Constitutional Rights.

This is not the first time this has happened. Between phone line tapping, FBI outside my home, illegal threats from a notorious judge with a criminal background and allegations therein; FBI CIA and NSA on our 'jury pool' and a defense attorney alligned secretly with the prosecutiion in attorney Robert Jones- foul play and secretive intimidation and cohersion cannot be ruled out...

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